Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Moving On...

Angie made me do it.

No, really.

If it wasn't for her, I'd be happily blogging away semi-regularly over at my original blog, Kati's Korner. But she just had to go and post on her blog about publicity and name recognition.

And I'd been breaking just about every rule of effective blogging. Author name prominent on blog? Nope. Book cover noticeable? Nope. Blogging enough? Nope and nope.

See, I'd started to blog before I sold -- and before I took my author name. So my blog was under a different name, with a different purpose, and wasn't really meshing with my online goals anymore. But I'm a stubborn cuss, and did my best to make it work.

Sometimes, though, you've got to cut bait and start again.

So with one week to go before I'm officially a published author (woo-hoo!), it's time to get with the program. (Especially when my editor -- see above -- is giving out such fabulous advice.)

Without further ado, welcome to Kate Davies Blogs! I'll be blogging about the writing life, life in general, and other fun stuff -- and still cheering on friends and colleagues when they find writing success. I won't be posting on Kati's Korner anymore, but I will leave it up so that those earlier successes are preserved for posterity. Or something like that. :)

In any case, thanks for making the jump with me. And here's a quick question for you:

What interests you most when visiting an author's blog? What are you inclined to read about, and what keeps you coming back?


Charlene Teglia said...

Nice new digs! *g* I like to hear the behind-the-scenes stuff, what people are working on and the process, news, and I'm always looking for recommended reads, too.

Erin the Innocent said...

I like reading some stuff about how the writing is going, along with some promo stuff (release dates) I also like just hearing about the author. I'm like that with any blogs :) Really it's a form of voyeurism I think LOL getting little peeks into the lives of other people.

Kate Davies said...

Thanks, Charlene and Erin!

I'm looking forward to playing around with my new blog. I appreciate the hints!


Stacy~ said...

Hi Kate :) I like new release stuff, excerpts, little peeks into the authors' lives. I also like regular updates, even if it is just about current info on an wip, etc. Just something to let me know the writer is still alive and well and connecting with readers.

I think every author should incorporate little things that are unique about themselves so that it sets itself apart from other blogs.