Sunday, February 24, 2008

Blog Party -- Taking It On The Road!

Hey all!

We're down to the wire here -- just one more day until Lessons In Trust goes live! I'll still be hosting the party here on my blog, but I'll also be gallivanting around the web as well. A couple of upcoming events I'd like to invite you to drop by...

First, I'll be spending a good portion of Monday at the Samhain cafe loop participating in a list mom day with Mary Eason, Xakara, and Ally Blue. We've all got releases on Tuesday and wanted to get the party started a day early.

I'll also be blogging on Lucy Monroe's blog this week -- date to be announced. I'll be sure to let you know!

Hope to see you there!


Jane said...

Ooh, there's so many great books coming out tomorrow.

mamasand2 said...

I saw your posts at the samhain cafe today. I really enjoyed the 2 excerpts from "Lessons in Trust".
Bet you're tired now though.

ReadingIsSoMuchFun said...

WooHoo! Congratulations Kate on your new release YaY! Another great book for me to go buy :-) I am sorry I missed you on the Yahoo Loop at Samhain. I've been busy and didn't have the chance to come by sorry hope you had a wonderful time. Can't wait to see you on Lucy's blog :)