Thursday, April 17, 2008

Richard Armitage -- Sigh!

So I mentioned a while back that I'd glommed onto North and South, finally succumbing to the Great North And South Crusade (thanks, KristieJ!). After watching it via Netflix, I ran out and bought my own copy.

(Haven't seen the movie yet? Skip the rental step and just go buy it. You won't regret it.)

Yes, I own it. Yes, I've watched it more than once. Yes, my oldest child has actually learned to play the violin piece by ear because it's been in the DVD player, on main menu, so often that all three can hum the theme song.

ANYway, one of the many, many reasons I love North and South is Richard Armitage. Oh, my heavens, Richard Armitage. Those striking good looks! Those brooding stares! That gorgeous voice!

Le sigh. Le swoon.

Needless to say, N & S was my first introduction to Mr. Armitage. Now, of course, I'm checking out everything else I can get my hands on that he's been in. I hear he's fabulous in Robin Hood, which starts its new season on BBC America on the 26th. If I'm quick, I can get the previous season on Netflix and catch up before the new show.

That, of course, means I have to finish my current Netflix rental, The Vicar of Dibley: Holy Wholly Happy Ending. I've never actually watched The Vicar of Dibley before, so some of the character relationships and in-jokes are going right over my head. But I don't care. RICHARD ARMITAGE is in it! As Harry, Gerry's love interest! And he's SMILING all the time! It's brilliant, I tell you. The most we got out of Mr. Thornton was a twitch at the corner of his mouth a couple of times. A full-on grin is like a gift from the heavens.

So, Richard Armitage. Amazing in North and South, and so far, impressive in other stuff as well. Go see for yourself!


Jane said...

I heart Richard. I have yet to see Robin Hood, but I have seen a few episodes of "The Vicar of Dibley" on PBS. He was amazing in "North and South."

Kate Davies said...

Wasn't he? *swoon again*

I just finished the Vicar of Dibley. Of course, as a guest star, he wasn't the focus, but ah, what a fabulous performance!

Stacy~ said...

Kate, isn't he just so yummy? Buying N&S is definitely money well-spent, and of course I saw him in the Vicar of Dibley too.

Have you watched him as a villain in Robin Hood? You know you're in trouble when you're cheering for the villain LOL.

Kate Davies said...

Hi Stacy!

No, haven't seen RA in Robin Hood yet, but I've got the first disc on its way from Netflix as we speak. :) Won't be able to see the whole series before the new season starts Saturday, but I'll soon catch up.

So far, I haven't been disappointed in his performances. Loved North and South (Confession: it's on right now), and loved Vicar of Dibley. The thing that struck me was how *different* the performances were. He seemed younger, somehow, in VofD. So cheerful, so puppy-dog-ish in a way. And his crush on Geraldine was TOTALLY believable.

Amazing actor.

Diane Craver said...

Geez, you convinced me. I'll get the DVD. I might even try to find it tomorrow when I go to the store. Thanks for the recommendation!

Kate Davies said...

Diane, you will not regret it. Seriously. I've watched it multiple times and never get tired of it.

Kate Davies said...

I just reeled in our babysitter. :)

I left the DVD on top of the TV, recommended it for when the kids were asleep. We got home and she was absolutely riveted. Luckily, she was at a good stopping point (the dinner party scene), and scheduled to come back next week for another babysitting job. So she'll finish it then.

Oh, and Stacy? I'm a couple episodes into Robin Hood (season 1) right now. Richard in black leather? Oh, my. He can pillage me anytime. ;)