Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Book BIN Tuesday -- Nice and Naughty

Book BIN returneth!

Yep, I'm turning over a new leaf and kicking off my blog return with a brand spankin' new Book BIN! This one came out last week but it caught my eye. Hot cover, sexy blurb -- whaddaya think?

After a disastrous lesson in heartache, Alexa Jones confines her adrenaline rushes to intense boardroom negotiations. When her legendary control cracks and she indulges in a high-octane encounter on the hood of her sports car, she never plans to see the enticing stranger again. Then she finds herself across the boardroom table from him and there’s suddenly more at stake than just her career.

Justin Winston got more than he bargained for on his summer drive, but he should have known nothing is ever that easy. He’s met the woman of his dreams yet he doesn’t know who she is. Luckily, he can always count on his practical brother for the things that matter, and this time is no exception. But, when a web of corporate espionage entangles them all, it’s clear Justin isn’t the only one who’s fallen for their mysterious siren.

In Justin and Jason, Alexa finds something as unique and rare as the patent they will risk their lives to secure. The freedom to explore—and satisfy—the full range of her desires. From naughty to nice. Can Alexa accept the love of two men?

Can one man satisfy Alexa’s appetites? Or will it take two?

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Oh, and another little tidbit -- this is part of the Menage and More anthology, so you can look forward to seeing it in print as well!


Maia Strong said...

Dude! That looks like a seriously steamy and delicious read! Thanks for the tip, Kate!

Stacy~ said...

Can I just say that I absolutely love these naughty stories? They are my guilty pleasure, and this one sounds definitely like my kinda story. Thanx for the heads-up. I'll be waiting for the print version.

Kate Davies said...

My pleasure, ladies! (And Stacy, all the stories in that anthology look fabulous. Rowr!)