Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Book BIN Wednesday -- The Ballad of Jimothy Redwing

Sigh. I really did mean to post this yesterday, on the actual release day. But it has become the house of plague here lately, so I'm a bit behind.

That aside, I really am excited about the print release of The Ballad of Jimothy Redwing, by Maia Strong. It's a great book, full of wonderful characters and a cracking good story, and I highly recommend it. Here's the blurb:

New lover. New city. New dangers.

Wand’ring Minstrel Jimothy Redwing is used to life on the road, living by the words and music that are his stock in trade. While he’s comfortable finding his way alone, he’s always amenable to a friendly stranger who knows the lay of the land. Ricky Lennox is smart, funny, handsome, and very amenable.
With a place to stay, a sexy new lover, and some local contacts, Jimothy looks forward to delivering the letters in his care—including a message for the local ruler—and earning a little money with his music before moving on.
Ricky’s declaration he’s interested in more than just a one-night tryst starts Jimothy thinking about settling into a life of perfect harmony. But things hit a sour note when he learns his lover’s true identity—and exactly what’s in the epistle to Kanbec’s ruler.
Jimothy’s journey turns out to be far more complicated than he could have dreamed, and as dangerous as any epic ballad. For himself—and for Ricky.
Warning: This book contains a sexy musician, hot nekkid manlove, violence, and nuns dressed in blue.
So head on out and Buy It Now!

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Maia Strong said...

Thanks for the plug, Kate!

"...a cracking good story..."Methinks you've been watching much British TV--or at least a lot of Wallace & Gromit. ;D