Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Book BIN Tuesday -- You Tell ME! (M/M Edition)

Regular readers of my blog will recognize Book BIN Tuesday, a semi-regular post that highlights a new release or classic romance that I'm excited to read (or have read and loved). Today, though, I'm doing things a little differently.

I'm in the market for some new m/m romances and authors. I'm a huge fan of Maia Strong, who has a new book coming out September 9 (and that cover is just fabulous, isn't it?). I also just read and loved Hot Weather by Matthew Haldeman-Time. But I'm interested in your recommendations. Who do you read for m/m romance? Is there a specific title you really liked? What should I read next?

Remember, in honor of Theme Week, all comments will be entered in a drawing for a prize at the end of the week. So give me your recommendations!


Lee Rowan said...

One of my favorite authors is Charlie Cochrane, with her "Lessons In" series. They've gone out of print for a year after Samhain transferred the Linden Bay books into its own catalog, but the first two books, Lessons in Love and Lessons in Desire, are already back out as e-books. Charlie's writing wonderful mysteries set at her RL alma mater, Cambridge, and these are the best books I've found to introduce M/M romance to people who find the idea intriguing but are not comfortable with explicit gay sex scenes. I wouldn't say the sex is missing, because the emotional intensity more than does the job. This series reminds me of DL Sayers' Lord Peter/Harriet Vane mysteries; Orlando Coppersmith has some serious reservations (not as obstinate as Harriet Vane's, thank goodness) but Jonty Stewart is every bit as determined as Lord Peter to win his love, and he does eventually prevail.

On the self-promo line... I can also recommend Running Press's M/M books, Erastes' Transgressions and False Colors by Alex Beecroft. My own book, Tangled Web, is next in the series and will be available on October 13, though the official release is November 3. TW is a Regency, a bit lighter than my Royal Navy series but the heroes face the same need to hide their love to stay alive.

Kate Davies said...

Thanks for the recommendation, Lee! I've been intrigued by Charlie's books since I noticed them through Samhain - especially since we share a book title (Lessons In Love)! Glad to hear they're good -- I'll have to check them out.

And absolutely toot your own horn! How exciting to have a new book out, and with Running Press. I've heard good things about that m/m line, and will look forward to reading yours!

Maia Strong said...

I've really enjoyed the books I've read by Ally Blue: The Happy Onion; Untamed Heart; Fireflies; Willow Bend. I haven't read her Bay City Paranormal series, but they look intriguing.

Two books I love are Point of Hopes and Point of Dreams by Melissa Scott and Lisa A. Barnett. I picked up the latter because it was theatrically themed as well as having two male leads. Confusing without having read the previous book, in which they really set up the world, but still immensely enjoyable. I've since read the first and loved it, too. Sadly, Lisa passed away a few years ago. I read that Melissa planned to write two additional books that they'd planned, but I haven't seen/heard anything since. I really hope she does because I love Phillip and Nico!

And of course you can always finish beta-reading those manuscripts of mine that you have. ;->

Maia Strong said...

Lee - Those Charlie Cochrane books sound wonderful! I've loved the Lord Peter mysteries for years.

Karin said...

The Cambridge Fellows Mysteries do sound intriguing. I've actually got the first two in my list of books I want to read.

One that I have read and enjoyed is Z. A. Maxfield's ePistols At Dawn. It was a lot of fun to read and I definitely recommend it.

ddurance said...

Wow, so many, where do I start...Clare Thompson, Jet Mykles, J.M. Snyder, Kayelle Allen to name a few. Deidre Knight even has an M/M romance called the Buttlerfly Tattoo. You can buy it at Samhain.