Sunday, January 31, 2010

Reflections on 2009 -Favorites

NOTE: This post was originally written on January 1. But thanks to the craziness that was my January, I never got around to posting it. Rather than toss it in the trash bin, though, I thought I'd brush it off, clean it up, and put it out there anyway. Hope you enjoy!

Hard to believe it's already 2010, isn't it? (Of course, I'll be writing 2009 on all my checks for at least the next three months, so I won't have to let go quite yet...) Just for fun, here are some of my favorite finds from last year. Note: I have small children, a husband, and a day job. Therefore, some of my "finds" may be somewhat out of date. I'm just going by when *I* discovered them, not actual release date.


I saw only three movies in the theater this year, so I'm not the best judge of current movie brilliance. But of the three, my favorite by far was:


A fast, funny, entertaining reboot of the Star Trek universe that managed to hold onto enough of what I loved the original for not to irritate me. Plus, Kirk 2.0 was awesome. (And I get to use this photo again! Score!)



Saw this one on video. A sweet, emotionally-charged m/m romance that doesn't end tragically.

FAVORITE TV SHOW: Again, this is based on very little actual watching-of-television. Most of my viewing was done on the computer or via DVD last year. However, I did have two faves. Number one, which won't be a surprise to anyone who reads this blog or follows me on Twitter:


Okay, this may be cheating a bit because I actually don't watch it on TV - it's not on air in the US. Plus, it's in German, which is a little outside my skill set. But. BUT.

It's one of the most fabulous shows I've seen, ever, and I'm totally addicted to it and the YouTube channel that clips/subtitles/uploads it for non-German-speaking fans. The directing, the writing, the cinematography, the lighting, the music, the acting...all of it is just exceptional.

This may be relevant to Wednesday's post as well. Stop by and see. :)



I dithered on this one a bit. I absolutely loved Torchwood up to Episode 4 of Children of Earth (Season 3). Then it completely gutted me and left me a bitter shell of my former fandom self. ;) But up to that point, it was a definite favorite this year, so I felt like I had to give credit where it was due. (I still haven't forgiven you, though, Russell T. Davies.)


Unzertrennlich, by Revolverheld

I have become a huge fan of German pop music this year, thanks to my TV favorite. (Which is loads of fun, except when I can't buy the song because of geographical restrictions. Grrr.) This tune, which is actually a few years old, was used to great effect on AWZ, to the point that I still get shivers when I hear it.


What About Us?, by John Barrowman

I adore angsty love songs. This is a great one. (And in a little bit of irony, you can buy the first song on the US iTunes site, but this one isn't available in the US. I had to have a friend buy the CD when she was in Scotland last year.)

Also: Poor JB! He keeps landing in second place behind the Germans. Sorry about that!


Sorry, can't do it. Far too many to list. Though I wouldn't turn my nose up at any recommendations for this year. :)


Hands down, my iPhone. I'm addicted. I use it for everything from reading to keeping up with Facebook to Twittering to counting calories. Love, love, love it.


My Sony Reader. If I could make phone calls and play on Twitter with it, it could have been a contender for #1.

So there you have it, my completely random and over a month late recounting of my favorites of 2009. If you can remember that far back, let me know what made an impression on you! Or post your new favorites so far of 2010.

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