Thursday, April 29, 2010

RT Reviewer's Choice Awards

First off, here's the big news:

What am I looking at? I have no idea.

Lessons Learned received an RT Reviewer's Choice Award for Best Indie Press Contemporary Romance of 2009! I had no idea what to expect going into the ceremony, and had NOTHING prepared to say, so when my name was called I went up there, started shaking, and babbled for a little bit before making it offstage. I didn't fall down or call anyone by the wrong name, so I think it went well.

With amazing editor Angela James. She's made me a better writer with every manuscript she touches.

LB Gregg was my "companion" at the event, which means she got to go in early and sit with me. Thanks to her for the great pics!

I may have had some champagne. Possibly.

More later, I hope!


Natasha A. said...

CONGRATS!!!! That is so awesome!!!

Susan D said...

Kudos!! A well deserved award to an amazing author!!

Maia Strong said...

I love that dress beyond all reason! You look FAB-ulous!

Laurie Ryan said...

Yay!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so happy for you. And, after reading the book, I SO agree with this award. Congratulations, Kate!

LDee said...

Looking good, and it looks like you really had fun. I have the book now and am so ready to read it.



Jami Davenport said...

Kate, Congratulations!!! Lessons Learned is a great book, and you so deserve this!!!

Love the pictures!

Dawn Calvert said...

Congratulations, Kate!!! So well deserved. Love the photos.

Kate Davies said...

Thanks, guys! I'm still completely gobsmacked over it all.

Seriously. I got an award the same time as Barbara Taylor Bradford and Tessa Dare. We were on the same stage. O.o It was surreal.

And thanks for the kind comments on the book, too. I so appreciate it!