Friday, August 13, 2010

Inspiration Friday - Fanvid Edition

Today's episode of Inspiration Friday is dedicated to all the fans who tirelessly work to create new and fabulous videos in honor of their favorite shows/movies/etc. Yes, the fanvid artists!

I admit it, I love fanvids. Especially ones that are extra creative and well-made, with edits that are snappy and lyrics that match the action onscreen. I thought I'd share one that really works for me, based on a show I've barely watched. Sometimes you don't even have to watch the show to enjoy the fanvid!

Hope you enjoy!

Oh, and on a related note: I'm also blogging over on Nine Naughty Novelists, on the topic of fanfic. Gee, wonder what I've been thinking about lately? :) Drop by and say hello!

1 comment:

Maia Strong said...

That is truly one of the best fanvids I've ever seen. Thanks for bringing it back to mind!

Happy Friday!