Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Rodeo Book The Second - Untitled WIP

I'm working on a second rodeo-themed book, this time about a team roper and a local he meets on the circuit. Here's a sneak peek:

The bar was insanely hot, with far too many people crammed into far too small of a space. He was lucky he'd gotten this booth to himself.

Oh, who the hell was he kidding? It wasn't luck. It was a combination of glowering and a heavy dose of "don't bother me" vibes.

He fucking hated this part of the scene.

At least with Dane around, he could handle it. He was the best wingman anyone could ask for – great at deflecting unwanted attention without hurting anyone's feelings, able to tease Cam into a better mood when he started turning too introspective.

Plus, Cam never had to worry about Dane horning in on his territory if he was interested in a woman.

And if once in a while he heard whispers that the two of them were more than just buddies, who the hell cared.

God knew he wasn't Dane's type.

And he was big enough, and mean enough, to squash those rumors before they got any traction.

The jukebox started up again, blaring out the same damn song he'd already heard five times tonight. And he'd only been here an hour and a half.

Nobody else seemed to mind, if the rousing cheer and crowded dance floor were any indication. Everybody else in the place seemed to be having a grand old time.

Cam felt tired, and cranky, and mean. Any minute now he was going to tell some kid to get off his lawn.

Christ, when had he turned into an old man?

Checking his watch again, he calculated that he had to stay here at least another half an hour before he could slip out without bringing down the wrath of the rodeo publicity guy. He could do that. As long as everyone left him the hell alone.

Five seconds later, a woman threw herself into his booth, landing on the bench seat across the table from him. Her brown hair was short and disheveled, her breath coming in short gasps. She reached across the table and grabbed his hand, clinging for all she was worth.

"I'll pay you a thousand dollars to be my boyfriend."


Hope you liked it!


notoriouslyunique said...

Nice! Me likey.
Though I WAS hoping you'd finally succumb to writing m/m :(

Maia Strong said...

Woot! Finally a peek at Cam and Dane -- if not Cam/Dane. ;) Looking forward to more of this one in the near future. *hint, hint*