Sunday, May 15, 2011

Monday (Not Quite) Movie Musings - My TV Week

(<--- This guy's got a busy week ahead. I think that's why he looks so serious in this picture.)

Sorry, don't have a movie to feature this week. But it's a busy TV week, so that's a decent replacement, right?

MONDAY marks both the start of the network upfronts (when the networks unveil their schedules for the fall season) and the season finale of Hawaii Five-0. I'm excited (and nervous) for the finale, but even moreso for the upfronts, as Fox is revealing their schedule at 3 pm. Will I Hate My Teenage Daughter be on the schedule, or will they hold it as a midseason replacement? With only two hours of programming a night, and large chunks of primetime real estate already claimed by the X Factor and American Idol, nothing is guaranteed until the schedule is out there in black and white.

Oh, and I'll be watching the second to last episode of Chicago Code and sniffling.

ETA: FOX has released their primetime schedule a few hours before their upfronts! I Hate My Teenage Daughter will be on Wednesdays at 9:30 following The X Factor. This is excellent scheduling because a) following a sure-fire ratings juggernaut will bring a built-in audience to the show, and b) I don't already watch anything during that time slot so I won't have to make any hard decisions!

Then there's TUESDAY, with Glee (only a couple of episodes left!) and more upfronts. Not sure which networks roll out the schedules. I'm looking forward to seeing what happens with ABC, since soap fans are planning to protest outside. Also have heard that The Chew and The Revolution, the shows destined to replace All My Children and One Life To Live, are looking pretty lame. Awesome work, ABC Daytime!

Then, at 10 pm, there's a new episode of Body Of Proof, with this guy named Eric Sheffer Stevens in a guest role. If you've ever read this blog, you may have heard of him before. I think I've mentioned him once or twice. (translation: OMG SQUEE I'VE GOT IT SCHEDULED ON MY DVR ALREADY CAN'T WAIT.)

WEDNESDAY is set aside for CBS upfronts, which I'm really only interested in because of Hawaii Five-0 (and now that it's been announced ahead of time that it's been renewed for next year, I'm just waiting to see if they've switched nights.)

Nothing more really exciting that I know about until SUNDAY, when apparently that guy I just mentioned is also guesting on Law and Order: Criminal Intent. (translation: OMG HOW DID I NOT KNOW THAT UNTIL TODAY I HAVE FAILED AS A FANGIRL BUT AT LEAST I'VE MANAGED TO SCHEDULE IT ON MY DVR NOW.)
ETA #2 - First promo pic for IHMTD! ESS is second from the left. That's the costume he wore in the pilot. Wheee!

So there you have it, my TV week in a nutshell. What are you watching/following/looking forward to?


traci said...

KATE!!! IMHTD is up on Twitter and Facebook and they are scheduling it on Wednesdays right after "The X-Factor"! Squeeeeeee!!! You can follow them on Twitter, @IHMTDFOX and "Like" the Facebook page,!/IHMTDFOX

Woo hoo! And can't WAIT for "Body of Proof" and Criminal Intent! :)

Hayley said...


Maia Strong said...

Woot, woot! *happy dancing*

Laurie Ryan said...

I have to say, most of my shows have finaled now. (5-0, Castle, Survivor, and Amazing Race). So maybe, just maybe, I can finally get some writing done. lol.

I was one of the blogger comments that apparently got eaten a few days ago. 5-0 has done an interesting thing with Danny and his ex-wife. I'm not sure I like it.

Kate Davies said...

Traci - can you believe it? It's like it actually happened or something! Yay!

Hayley - I'm embarrassed to say I haven't been watching, but it's definitely on my list. I need to catch up to everyone on my twitter feed!

Maia - happy dancing with you! I foresee more IM watch fests in our future!

Laurie - I know! I was so sad to lose your comment, and the others, as well as my response! We had a CONVERSATION going, darnit!

And, uhm, I haaaaated what they did with Danny/Rachel. Rushed, sloppy, mostly off-screen, not consistent with the rest of the season, and certainly not "romantic". A great opportunity wasted.