Monday, October 31, 2011

No Tricks, Just Treats!

I spent the weekend at the Emerald City Writer's Conference and had a blast hanging out with three of the Naughty Nine - Kelly Jamieson, Erin Nicholas, and PG Forte. Erin posted a little wrap-up on the Naughty blog, if you'd like to see what trouble we got up to! (Hint: I did not live up to my costume.)

Also, the Kelly Jamieson Shoe Challenge netted a total of 20 books to give away, and last time I looked we had fewer than 20 entries, so your chances are excellent that you'll get one! Stop by this post to comment to win!

And finally, Samhain is giving a 30% discount today only - enter SPHW11 in your "treat bag" and get 30% off your entire order! (I recommend Ritual Love - my Halloween-set Scottish time travel romance. )

Have a fabulous, fun-filled day!


traci said...

30% off! Too bad I have read all of your books! I really enjoyed "Ritual Love" as well. Maybe I'll re-read it today.

Glad you had fun at your conference. You need to make a trip to California. I miss you!

P.S. I can also do the trick with the cherry stems! We ARE like twins! ;)

Drmgrl99 - Dawn said...

Damn I was late on the Samhain sale! Glad to hear you ladies had fun at EC and Yeah for shoes :)