Sunday, March 25, 2012

Monday Movie Musings - Silent House

Let me state upfront that I am not a fan of horror movies. When I have a rare opportunity to go to a movie in the theater and need to choose a genre to see, horror would pretty much be at the bottom of the list.

And yet I saw Silent House the first week it was released.

(I blame Eric Sheffer Stevens. And Maia Strong, who made me go see it with her.)

(Okay, maybe I dragged Maia to the movie so I wouldn't have to go alone.)

(Yep, it's all Eric's fault.)

I've been tracking the film since it was in pre-production, as soon as ESS was cast. The single-shot technique intrigued me, and it was fascinating to listen to Eric talk about how filming it was different from other film experiences. But it was HORROR. Sob.

So I settled into my seat at the theater with more than a little trepidation. I was fully prepared to fling myself under the chair if necessary.

But you know what? I actually liked it.

(Unlike a lot of horror aficionados, apparently. So maybe I'm more its target audience than they are!)

I loved the one-shot technique, even though from time to time it caught my attention to the detriment of the actual scene (how the heck did they light that shot? Where's the cameraman hiding in this one?). I loved Eric's portrayal of the somewhat creepy uncle (though I fully acknowledge I am incapable of being objective when it comes to him. The man could read the phone book and I'd be utterly engrossed). I thought Elizabeth Olsen did a great job carrying the vast majority of the film on her shoulders. And I enjoyed puzzling out the clues throughout the film.

Was it perfect? Heck, no. And I can see why a horror fan might feel betrayed by the twist ending. But as a psychological suspense film, it really worked for me. So if you're looking for something a little different in that genre, you might want to give it a shot.

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