Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Book BIN Tuesday - Luna Sea by Kim Roberts

You guys! I'm so excited! The co-owner of my favorite winery, Kim Roberts, is now a mystery author!

Here are the deets:

In Luna Sea the natural beauty of Maui, along with the realities of island life reveals a different Paradise than that seen by most visitors. While surfing off Maui, Hawaii’s famed Valley Isle, the new Lahaina harbormaster Aloha Jones finds herself in dangerous seas. What Jones initially thought was going to be the rescue of a snorkeler hit by a catamaran turns out to be the recovery of the body of water taxi owner and harbor troublemaker Dan Colley.

Her Coast Guard law enforcement background makes her question if the death a tragic accident or a premeditated murder. Aloha’s boss with the Hawaii State Harbors Division, Max Yake, and his sidekick, Marine Enforcement Officer Gil Mangas, conclude it’s an accident. Investigators Officer Awiwi Lono’s and Detective Ho Killingsworth’s questions reveal something else, while reporter Brita Beamer from the local newspaper is less than forthcoming on what she knows.
In the process Aloha finds no lack of suspects—not to mention a whole raft of motives—as she gets to know Colley’s crazy girlfriend Zhen Blue and her daughter, Momi; former lead singer of the band Deaf Lesbians, Koni Ke, who looks like an Amish Rastafarian; Aloha’s ex-husband Snake; and a street person who resembles a cross between a Shar-pei and a supermodel. Possible motives behind the murder range from money to love to race. As Aloha wades through information to find the truth, in the ocean and on the beach, she faces real threats from sharks of all type.

****   Sounds like fun, doesn't it? Why not try out a new author and Buy It Now? (And if you're ever on the coast of Washington, stop by Westport Winery and try some of their amazing wines, too!)

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