Tuesday, September 19, 2006

A Movie I Think Everyone Should See...

I was intrigued by Akeelah and the Bee when I first heard about it. But with three kids, I knew I'd have to wait for it to be released on video before I'd get the chance to see it. (DH and I get to see movies in the theater approximately once a year, when we're on a kid-free vacation. And we usually choose "gotta see them on the big screen" adventures and CGI-heavy pics, instead of heartwarming family dramas.)

This weekend, though, DH picked Akeelah and the Bee up at the local video store for our older two to watch. The eight year old had heard of the movie and was excited to see it; the five year old wanted to know if there would be popcorn. :) So Sunday afternoon, we sat down to watch.

I loved, loved, loved this movie! The acting was superb, the characterization engaging, the story exciting, and the love of words and learning was palpable in every frame. What an empowering message! My eight year old cried, laughed, and asked if we could buy it. My five year old wanted to know what happened to the popcorn.

And I started telling everyone I knew that they had to see this film.

So my question to you is: have you ever been so excited about a film, TV show or book that you became an unpaid promotions director for it? If so, what film/show/book? Help me add some new titles to my must see/read list!

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