Sunday, October 01, 2006

What's Your Fantasy?

No, not that kind of fantasy. :)

I'm talking about the perfect day fantasy. The day without work obligations, family obligations, time to be just yourself and do what you want to do.

For me, and for many other moms of young kids, I suspect that time alone is a popular one. I dream about having time to read a book without interruption, to take a bath without one or more kids wandering in to ask if I can get out the Play-doh for them, to go to the bathroom without company. To sleep all night long without a kid crawling over my face at three am because she had a nightmare and can't get back to sleep unless it's in my bed.

Not every day. I love my kids and my hubby, and wouldn't trade them in for anything. But once in a great long while, I'd love a night like that.

Which is why I was so impressed when a friend told me her husband had given her just that. He'd taken her and the kids out to dinner at a hotel restaurant, and at the end of the meal, handed her a room key and taken the kids home. They picked her up the next morning, refreshed and rejuvenated.

Does he know what a wife and mother needs, or what? :)

So what's YOUR fantasy? If you could have a day or night all your own, what would you do?


Stacy~ said...

That sounds pretty nice. I like that one.

I think to go on another cruise, this time to Hawaii for 7-10 days in the winter. I've never been, and I think it would be so wonderful to get away during the cold, miserable time of year, while being pampered and catered to....yeah, I could get used to that.

Kate Davies said...

Oh, a cruise! I've never been, but would love to go someday. A spa weekend would be nice, too...