Friday, October 20, 2006

Won! Won! Won!

No, I didn't forget -- just ultra busy!

But in my time zone it's still Friday, so that counts, right? :)

The winner of a free download of one of my two upcoming books is...

Jen in WA!

Congrats, Jen!

And because I'm a Libra, and we like to have all things in balance, I picked another winner, too!

So congrats to you, too, Phyllis! (And happy birthday!)

I've used up my daily allotment of exclamation points, so I'll just ask that you two e-mail your choice of book and format at, and I'll send the book your way.

Congrats again! (Whoops, I'll have to deduct that exclamation point from tomorrow's stash. LOL)


Dannyfiredragon said...

Big congrats Jen!

Stacy~ said...

Congrats to the winners!

I can't wait for "Striptease" - sounds yummy ;)