Wednesday, January 09, 2008

You Know It's Going To Be A Long Day...

...when your four year old throws up in your purse.


Hope your day is going better than mine!


Melissa Lopez said...

((((Kate))))))))) that is an awful experience. Been there several times. It wasn't much better here. Our 10 year old daughter was home today. She's recently gotten over strep throat. Sigh. And now has another sour throat, fever and is coughing like a seal.

The child is ten and cannot swallow a pill and refuses not to eat a chewable tablet. Sigh. She gags, pleads and cries in misery.

So the dh went and got her liquid Tylenol for juniors. Guess how long it took me to get her to drink the foul, nasty tasting stuff?

A whole hour.

*Sprite salute* for a better tomorrow.

Melissa Lopez said...

Oops. Her throat is sore. Not sour. ~Mel

Michelle B said...

Yikes! Hope your day got better, Kate. Here's to a better Thursday:)