Monday, November 10, 2008

MTA Monday -- Meet Rita Oberlies

NAME: Rita Oberlies


BLOG: shhh --- I don’t have one! If my editor reads this I want her to know that it’s a work in progress.

TITLE OF FIRST BOOK: The Catcher and the Lie

RELEASE DATE: November 11, 2008

FAVORITE WRITING STORY/SAYING/MEMORY: When I started writing my first story back in the fall of 2005 I didn’t tell anyone. My two sons were under the age of three and I was trying to find a way to keep my brain active. It wasn’t until two years later when I decided to submit my work that I finally told my husband. In the spring of 2008 my first two manuscripts were placed under contract. “The Catcher and the Lie” was picked up by Samhain Publishing and “Ready to Take a Chance Again” was accepted at The Wild Rose Press. At that point I began to tell family members that I was pursuing a writing career. So far the only individuals that have read either story are my editors. Of course, now I’m a nervous wreck about what the people closest to me will think of my writing.

FAVORITE NON-WRITING STORY/SAYING/MEMORY: My absolute best memories are from the days my children were born. I think every emotion is so intense at that time (joy, fear, pain, relief, impatience) that it becomes permanently etched on your brain. My husband Dan and I constantly tell our boys about all the little things that happened on their birth days. I want them to know how amazing those moments were for us.

COMFORT FOOD: Brownies hot out of the oven.

COMFORT READ: Match Me If You Can by Susan Elizabeth Phillips and Bet Me by Jennifer Crusie

YOUR PERFECT DAY: Vacationing on Cape Cod with my family. I grew up spending my summers there and now it is a blast taking my boys to the exact same spots. We hit the beach, the taffy shops, mini-golf, and end each day with ice cream. Any day there turns out to be memorable for my family.

WHAT ARE YOU WORKING ON NOW?: I’ve been working on a follow-up story to “The Catcher and the Lie” that involves a secondary character named Bobby Carpenter. I
have also been touching up a manuscript “Matters of the Heart” that I had set aside earlier this year to work on revisions.


Anonymous said...


Heard through the grapevine that you are writing + about to become published .... Am so happy + excited for you ! Can't wait to buy your book ....



Heather said...

Rita, I am very excited to download your book and begin to read it tomorrow. I really enjoy sport themed books. With the baseball season over, any taste of baseball, with a little romance, is welcomed. I have also been monitoring your website and look forward to your second book when it becomes available.

Rita said...

Thanks Kate! Who knew writing a book would be so much easier than worrying about publication and reader reaction!!! :-)

Rita Oberlies

N.J.Walters said...

Great interview!

Kate Davies said...

You're welcome, Rita! Your book sounds fab. Best wishes for great sales!