Sunday, November 23, 2008


Last Christmas, the DH gave me a gift certificate to a semi-local women's spa. Now, the word "spa" can conjure up fancy-schmancy images. I know when my mother started talking about this spa she'd found in Tacoma, I was a bit surprised. She's more earth mother than "ladies who lunch". But as soon as I tried it out, several years ago, I understood.

It's a traditional Korean women's spa, with earth energy rooms, multiple soaking pools and whirlpools at different temperatures, steam rooms -- just about everything you'd need to turn into a limp noodle. And the women who go there range from college students to grandmas. No body image issues here -- which is a good thing, since it's not a place for modesty. :)

You can buy added treatments, of course, like body scrubs and mud wraps and massage, but it's just as much fun to pay the $30 entry fee and spend a solid half-day enjoying the facilities.

Observant readers may notice that I got the certificate last Christmas. Almost a year ago. Coincidentally, my Dad got one for my Mom at the same time. And with the holidays fast approaching, we both decided it was about time we actually used the darn things.

So Thursday morning I dropped the kids at school and trundled up the freeway to meet Mom at the spa.

It was *heavenly*. Almost four hours of relaxation and great conversation. We even decided that next time we'd have to hit its sister spa a bit further north, just to compare and contrast. (I have it on good authority that there are quite a few amenities the southern location doesn't have -- a charcoal room? a tea room? Nifty!)

Now, to just make sure it doesn't take me another year to get back to the spa.

How about you? Where do you go/what do you do to pamper yourself?


Stacy~ said...

I am more of a nap taker vs. a spa person, but only because I can't see spending that kinda money on myself. However if anyone wanted to get me a spa gift, I wouldn't turn it down *g*

Maia Strong said...

You know we'd love you to join us at the northern location tomorrow, but I also know you have writing to do. Next time, though, we shall plan. You do know, I trust, that if you go on your b-day you get in for free. :D

Diane Craver said...

I'm so glad you got to go to the spa - sounds heavenly. I have never gone to one but will have to sometime. I usually pamper myself by going to a movie or reading a book.

HAPPY THANKSGIVING - hope you enjoy the day with your family!