Saturday, January 24, 2009

The Devil Inside -- What's up with that title?

This is the book that named itself.

No, really.

When I submitted the partial to my editor, it was under the name "Untitled Rodeo Book" because to be honest, I suck at titles. It was only two chapters long at the time, anyway, so I figured that I had time to flail around for a title idea before it ended up on the schedule.

Instead, Angie sent the contact back to me for The Devil Inside.

Perfect! It was the name of the bull that Cody rides in the opening chapter. What a great name for the book.

But when I e-mailed her back, saying so, she said she thought that had been the title all along.

So if she didn't choose the title, and I didn't, obviously the book itself picked it out. And since the main characters both are dealing with some serious baggage, it works on a couple of different levels as well.

In the end, a fictional bull named after a song by INXS in a toss-away attempt at mimicking the names of real rodeo bulls ended up inspiring a title that fits the book perfectly.

Who woulda thought? :)

Today's question -- what's your favorite book title?


Jane said...

One of my favorite book titles Julie Anne Long's "The Perils of Pleasure."

Anonymous said...

I'm lucky enough to completely understand how fitting this title is, on a few levels. Wonderful book, wonder title! My review is up, and i'm offering a download of one of your ebooks to a commentor!

LJ White said...

Okay, this is one of the toughest book questions I've had to answer. It's usually the title that make's me look at the rest of the book. So I wondered over to my bookcase and picked the first title that jumped out at me. Short Straw Bride by Dallas Schulze.

lindseye said...

Wicked Deeds on A Winter's Night by Kresley Cole, love the alliteration.

Laurie said...

Katie Mac Allister's Improper English

Penny McCall's Tag, You're it!

Stephanie said...

Well to be truthful this title will draw my attentiong every time. Being a music fan, it's just natural. So this and anything that had Dragon in its title, wether it actually contains a dragon or not, will catch my eye.

Anonymous said...

Oh this is so hard! I have quite the few books that i cannot be without, i would have to pick on genre to figure out which one i like most.
If i think really hard though there is Jemina J by Jane Green or anything by Marian Keyes....ah, those books just completly mesmerize me.


mamasand2 said...

Kate I think you're asking about the favorite "Title" not book. Unfortunately Kate, I focus more on the story itself then on the title. One title that has stuck in my mind for a long time, both for it's book and for the movie is "Gone With The Wind".

It was a great book and it's a great title too, one that almost makes you hold your breath.


robynl said...

I love Sandy Ellen Patsy's 'Power of Pussy' book title. It is so catchy that one wants to immediately find out what it is about.