Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Introducing The Devil Inside

So what's all the fuss about?

The streamers, the balloons, the party favors? The cowboys whipping up margaritas behind the bar? (Yummy!)

Well, it's just six days until The Devil Inside is released at Samhain. (Woot and huzzah!)

So I'm throwing a party, right here on the blog. Those of you who've been around for a while know the drill -- any comment made during the week before the release date is an entry in my drawing. And I've got some fabulous prizes this time around, too! So comment early, and comment often. (Don't miss yesterday's blog post -- comments there count as well.)

Well, since the party is in celebration of The Devil Inside, it seems like a good time to post a little info on the book. Here it is:

It’ll take more than one go-round to win this rodeo of the heart…

Thirteen years after her father was killed in a rodeo accident, Samantha Quincannon is facing her worst nightmare. An EMT, she has avoided rodeo duty like the plague. Now her career depends on her ability to face down her fear.
Cody Shaw hasn’t seen Sam since the night of her father’s accident, and their reunion is anything but typical. So is her reaction when a bull ride gone wrong lands him, broke and bleeding, in her reluctant care. And, until he’s well enough to travel, in her bed. He knows he’s far from a model patient, but would it kill Sam not to act like she’d rather climb on a bull herself than have him underfoot?
One thing hasn’t changed—their off-the-charts sexual tension. They both put up a good fight, but soon the heat burns through their resistance.
Even as Sam fights to protect her heart from the one danger she didn’t see coming, something else becomes clear. Rodeo is in Cody’s blood, and nothing, not even Sam, can make him quit taking crazy risks.
It’s up to Sam to decide if she’s ready to put on her big-girl boots—and ride.
Warning: Lots of hot, sweaty, down-and-dirty lovin’. Cowgirl up!
This is my first western-themed romance, though I love reading them. So today's question is, what romance theme(s) and subgenre(s) do you like best?


mamasand2 said...

Kate, Congrats on you upcoming release.

I love almost anything with a HEA that isn't total 'fluff'.
I love paranormal, historical, western, and many more, but absolutely no horror stories.

I like some heat in a book and more is an extra bonus.

Natasha said...

I agree with mamasand2! NO HORROR! Other than that I will almost read anything. I like my books to have some comedic nature to them. I want to laugh out loud at least once! I like heat ;) I like paranormal...I like western (I grew up in Alberta, Canada)mmm cowboys! I will be adding this to my to buy list!!

naughtytidbits said...

I love paranormal with some hot shapeshifters. Lately though i have been reading a few westerns and am quite looking forward to your release.

Jane said...

I'm a big romantic suspense fan.

Amy S. said...

I love westerns, paranormals, contemps, romantic suspense. I like books that are friends turned lovers, reunited lovers, and work themes.

donnas said...

I read everything but I love paranormal.

Belinda said...

I love the storyline for this one. Westerns and hunky cowboys always work for me. Paranormals are another fave. And the rescued/being rescued theme is always a good one.
1bmore @ gmail . com

Laurie said...

I like contemps & historicals the most, followed by suspense. So westerns fit right in because they can be contemps or historicals. My very first romance was Lavyrle Spencer's Forgiving, a historical/ western. I was hooked!!I'm slowly adding a paranormal here & there.
revenge,lostlove,amnesia,love/hate.I really don't have a favorite.

lindseye said...

Love paranormal, Shifters, western, historical and menage. Actually anything by a favorite author except horror. Never read Stephen King et al and never will.

Cathy said...

I read all kinds of romance stories, and it's a well written story, with great sexual chemistry that keeps me reading. The stories I gravitate to the most are paranormal romances.

anne said...

Congrats, Kaate!
I enjoy romantic suspense, mystery and westerns as well as historicals.

robynl said...

I love Contemporary with Western, Medical and Comedy themes.

LJ White said...

My favourite romance sub-genres are historical, westerns, contemps and suspense. I'm just starting to read paranormals. I have read some horrors and comedies but don't really care for them.