Saturday, May 30, 2009

This, That and the Other...

On the good news front: The Devil Inside is now available on Kindle! I've been waiting for this to happen since January, so I'm thrilled it's finally up. Go forth and check out the sample, Kindle-folk! :)

My new hero: Pizza delivery saves abducted woman...check out the whole story here. It gave me chills!

A hilarious take on Pride and Prejudice: Pride and Twitterverse. The entire story of Pride and Prejudice in 140-character tweets! My favorite is Lizzie's response to Darcy's original proposal. :)

And congrats to Maia, who won the free book draw last week. E-mail me off-blog for the selection list!

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Maia Strong said...

Dude! I won? Sweet! I'll drop you an email shortly. :D