Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Book BIN Wednesday -- Client Privileges

I've been almost as excited as Maia about the release of her newest book, Client Privileges. As someone who was lucky enough to be a beta-reader for this m/m fantasy romance, I'm thrilled it's found a home at Torquere Books. It's a fascinating, multi-layered, amazing story that I loved, and I'm so glad I get to feature it for Book BIN this week.

Here are the deets:

Jonas Vaneau's life seems ordinary, with days working at law courts and evenings at home with his cat, plus countless Sabbath dinners with his parents and an endless string of potential brides. Meanwhile, an unusual encounter with seemingly ordinary brothel client Jonas causes Micah Hartshorn considerable consternation. When Jonas inexplicably bursts past his emotional defenses, Micah can't even fall back on his professional skills to help him.

The attraction between Micah and Jonas grows, despite their misgivings. As they grow closer, all personal problems are swept up in political unrest when new laws threaten both men's livelihoods. When even greater troubles send Jonas' world spinning beyond his control, it's up to Micah to save Jonas from the downward spiral if he can.


I loved both Jonas and Micah, and the external plot is excellent as well. Plus, that cover is just gorgeous. I can recommend this book without hesitation. So why not pop on over to Torquere and Buy It Now?

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OH thanks for the recommendation!