Wednesday, November 11, 2009

NNN Excerpt Thursday - First Kiss

And now for something completely different!

My new group blog, Nine Naughty Novelists, has started Excerpt Thursday, where each of us posts a snippet of a scene around the same theme, with links to a longer excerpt. So every Thursday I'll be posting the full excerpt here. This week the theme is "First Kiss". My excerpt is from The Devil Inside. Enjoy!

Sam narrowed her eyes. "It’s two in the morning, Cody. I’m tired and cranky and not in the mood. So save the cheesy innuendo for a better occasion, buddy."
"Yes, ma’am." He subsided on the pillow, allowing her to check his bandages and injuries with no further commentary.
She worked quickly and efficiently, refusing to let herself think about Cody’s comments.
And she’d told him she wasn’t in the mood? Liar.
The check-up finally finished, she pulled the covers back up and reached to turn off the light.
Cody stopped her with a hand on her arm.
Startled, she looked down at him. "Did you need something?"
"Just this," he said, reached up with his uninjured arm and threaded his fingers through her sleep-tousled hair. Then, tugging gently, he urged her head down toward his.
Part of her insisted she put a stop to it, right now. He was injured, on medication, and in her care.
It would be unprofessional.
But a bigger part, the part that had been crushing on Cody since she was barely in her teens, told her professional side to shut the hell up and let her enjoy the moment. God knew if it would ever happen again.
Closer, closer, until her eyes drifted shut and she pressed her lips to his.
He whispered a kiss across her mouth with infinite delicacy, pulling back a bit before touching his lips to hers again. His mouth was an intoxicating combination of soft and firm, and she sighed against his lips. She could feel his mouth curve into a little smile.
He intensified the kiss then, his lips molding to hers, his thumb tracing the curve of her neck. Her pulse beat crazily beneath his touch, and she sat down on the edge of the bed, no longer certain her legs would hold her up.
Then he stroked his tongue into her mouth, sending a rush of heat through her that would not be denied. Surrendering to the pull of desire, she met him stroke for stroke, groaning against his mouth as their tongues tangled and their breath mingled. His hand slid lower, cupping her breast, and she gasped as he circled her nipple with his thumb. This was what she’d wanted, what she’d desired for so long…
Growling in frustration, he pulled away, his hand dropping against the comforter as he sank back into the pillows. "You’d better go." His voice was raspy, his expression fierce.
Oh, God. What had she done? With a little gasp, she stood and staggered a few steps back from the bed.
"I’ll, uh, see you in a few hours," she stammered, and backed out of the room. Even after she’d turned the corner into the hallway, she could barely restrain herself from touching her mouth.
She’d studied physiology and human sexuality. Even so, she could have sworn her lips were actually on fire.
How could such a delicate touch cause such a strong reaction?
Cody’s voice carried into the hall. "Maybe you’d better wear your robe next time."
Hell, yeah. She’d wear a snowsuit if she had to. Anything to protect her from the fire burning between them.
Because if she wasn’t careful, she was the one who was going to get burned.

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