Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Book BIN Tuesday - Stolen Treasures

Claire Saunders is on the brink of realizing her dreams and putting her past behind her. She could care less about a group of pirates preying on San Diego. Nothing will derail her. Or so she thinks, until she finds herself an unwilling passenger aboard a schooner at sea. A reluctant participant in a covert operation, she sails further and further away from everything she’s worked so hard for. Without her there, it will all fall apart.

Hot-shot agent Dion Gaetani can’t believe he’s been saddled with a civilian. Worse—a woman. Guilt-ridden over a prior op gone bad, this is a burden he doesn’t need.

Together, they must work in close quarters to capture a rogue band of pirates. The stakes are high. Dion’s own boat, the Treasure, is the bait. And an unwelcome yet undeniable desire is the complication.

Note from Laurie Ryan, the author...

Walking amongst the gallant sailing ships at a local Tall Ships Festival, I envisioned the romance of a sultry night on the water, nothing and no one else around. After an opportunity to sail aboard a 160 foot schooner, I knew I had to tell this story. Enjoy!
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Laurie Ryan said...

Thanks for having me here, Kate. I'm so excited for the release of Stolen Treasures today. Woohoo!

Maia Strong said...

Congratulations on the new release, Laurie! Sounds like a wicked good read!


Laurie Ryan said...

Thanks, Maia! I enjoyed writing it and hope folks will enjoy reading it. Thanks for stopping by!