Friday, December 04, 2009

Holiday Traditions

So in a few minutes the kids and I are off to the big city to watch the Nutcracker. I think this is the fourth or fifth year we've gone, thanks to my wonderful in-laws. All the cousins will be there, excited to see the show.

Afterwards, we'll go get pictures taken with Santa (can't waste the opportunity, especially since they'll all be in nice clothes!), and have dinner before heading home.
Then, later this weekend, it's time to hunt for a Christmas tree. (The picture is of a local tree farm that provided the White House Christmas tree a few years back.)

Just a couple of events out of a busy holiday season, but we all look forward to them every year.

What's your favorite holiday tradition? Remember, every comment is entered for a chance to win Margaret Mallory's fabulous new book, Knight Of Pleasure!


heather mac said...

Believe it or not I like going to Christmas eve service with my mom. That really makes it feel like Christmas, being up late, in the cold church, holding my candle and singing Silent Night. And then going home and opening ONE gift before bed. I love bringing my daughter in on this tradition.

Jane said...

We like to open our presents at midnight instead of Christmas morning.

SiNn said...

well for us our holiday traditions r simple yet now more r incorperated we open one peresent the night before then eat cold cuts so we can save our stomachs for the yummy dinner the next day . we all go to bed relativly earlythen wake up around 7 or 8 and get together and sit around eat breakfast then open the rest the prsents after that we clean up the debris and wait for dinner we celebrate all week till the new year simply because my nephews birthday is the 30th then on new years we make pasta and garlic bread

the newest tradition is me and my fiance decided that people have losttheir way on what the holiday is really about so we made up our own holiday called do what ever we want its family day meaning no leaving to go here and there its a day me him our close relative and children just sit around play family games watch a movie together have a meal just to celebrate family really

Maia Strong said...

Rankin-Bass Gingerbread has to be my fave holiday tradition. There wasn't much R-B this year, and the gingerbread was rather, ahem, tame, but it was a grand time nonetheless.

:D Maia

SiNn said...

we also bake cookies and cakes and bread for the season