Saturday, June 19, 2010

Happy Birthday, Eric Sheffer Stevens!

Happy birthday to Eric Sheffer Stevens, my Current TV Crush and one of my fave actors ever. (Yes, I know I only discovered him a couple of months ago. Still. He's that good.)

To celebrate, here's a video created by the talented bunchoflemons, as part of her Dr. Reid Oliver cartoon saga. The whole series is brilliant - check them out on her YouTube channel.

This week, As The World Turns will be ceasing production. (Though the show runs through September 17th, filming ends a few months early.) I'm sure Eric will continue to find success as an actor, be it on screen or on stage. I'll definitely miss his performances as Dr. Reid Oliver once the show goes dark, though. And I'm wishing I lived closer to Vermont, so I could catch his performance as Benedick (opposite his wife Jenny as Beatrice) in the Vermont Shakespeare Company production of Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing, coming this August. If you happen to live close enough, you should definitely check it out!

So, question of the day: How far would you travel to see your favorite actor/performer? Or, if you've already made that trek, what's the furthest you've traveled for a favorite?


Jan said...

I'm with you Kate, I too am REALLY REALLY going to miss watching (& swooning over) the character of Dr. Reid Oliver, AND Eric & his great acting! How I wish that instead, we would have the guarantee of many more years of getting to watch Eric & Dr. Reid Oliver.

I really think Eric's role as Dr. Reid Oliver and his amazing acting performance has certainly gotten him noticed, and in turn will no doubt get him even more acting jobs. Would really like him to be casted in a primetime show.

Like you, I don't live at all close to Vermont either! I'm not what you'd call really much into Shakespeare, but I definately would love to see Eric in the play in August. I think I'd see Eric act in anything at the moment!

In response to your question of the day: I would probably have alot more of an incentive & means to travel to see a fave actor and/or in a play, if certain circumstances in my life were much different and also if I had the income (or won the lottery, lol). Unfortunately, I've NEVER travelled anywhere to see an actor I liked in a play, etc. It certainly would be something I'd love to do though!

Perhaps those of us who are unable to travel to Vermont and/or elsewhere, we can hope and keep our fingers crossed that Eric will continue to cross many countries and oceans on his journey of theatre acting jobs, and hopefully in turn it would work to some of our benefit and would be closer to us lol! A girl can dream can't she, lol! :)

Anonymous said...

I'm going to travel 3665 Miles just to see him :-)))

Maia Strong said...

Furthest I've traveled for the sake of an actor: Los Angeles. I'd go farther if I had unlimited funds, though. (I'm still sad we missed JB in La Cage in London. *sigh*)