Monday, July 05, 2010

Monday Movie Musings - Toy Story 3

Note: This is a new, semi-regular feature I'm adding to the blog. It will be a mix of new releases and favorites available on DVD, mostly because with kids I don't get out to the theater often enough to warrant weekly reviews of new films. I will do my best to keep all reviews as spoiler-free as possible, because it irritates me when I read a review on a book or movie and it gives away the ending. Hope you enjoy!

A few weeks back I saw Toy Story 3 with my two oldest kids. It was a fundraiser midnight showing at the local theater, and we decided last minute to go. Now, confession time – I've never seen the first two movies. They came out between my two animated film eras – watching on my own, and watching with kids. So though I'm familiar with many of the characters, I have only a vague idea of the storylines.

Luckily, though, you don't have to have seenhe first two movies in order to understand and completely enjoy Toy Story 3. It was a funny, emotional, sweet, exciting, and surprisingly powerful movie that I wholeheartedly recommend. I actually teared up in parts, which surprised me. It shouldn't have, though. I know myself. I cry at commercials. And this movie had some truly touching moments.

The only drawback for me was the 3-D. I found it disappointing and unnecessary. I get that it's the latest big thing in movies these days, but the film would have been just as good without.

And since I had two companions at the show, here are their reviews as well:

FutureStar said it was absolutely worth staying up for a midnight showing. Favorite part? The first time the kids came in the caterpillar room.

MidKid said I liked it a lot. Everybody from all ages would like it. My grandma saw it and loved it. Favorite part? The part where Bonnie runs into Woody.

So there you go - three thumbs up. If you haven't seen this movie yet, I highly recommend it!


Spaghettitoes said...

Not to imply that I've seen Toy Story 3 (*coughcough* I call him Nefarious BIL for a reason) but as someone who has seen the first two you need to add the warning that this film could leave you a weepy mess, even if it's a bad copy and you're watching it in the middle of the day.

Andy needs to know what his toys go through for him and, in my opinion, this movie was very much for those who watched the first all those years ago and are now a bit less than children. So much of it seemed for the grown-ups, highlighting the change with time, the need for change or moving on etc (trying not to be spoilery myself).
My favourite bit was near the end when they all held hands (and yes, the thing that happened immediately after that had me from a woobie mess to cheers and laughter faster than the speed of light!)

Maia Strong said...

First: See the first two movies, you freak! I will loan them to you, if necessary, although Netflix or your local rental place would undoubtedly be quicker.

Second: I loved this movie beyond all expectation, and being a big fan of the first two, my expectations were HIGH. I was a woobie mess at one point, and you know I don't break easily. ;) And at other times I laughed out loud. LOVED IT!