Wednesday, March 30, 2011


I quite like the fact that ESS is front and center in the ad. Good choice, promo department!

Heading out tonight to the airport hotel, for an early morning flight to L.A. I've scrounged up some hopefully-appropriate clothing (it's in the 40's-50's here, so finding clothes for 80-plus weather is a challenge) and triple-checked my ticket for the filming. Phones and cameras are a big no-no in the studio, so I won't be live-tweeting the experience, but rest assured that I'll be providing an epic trip report after the fact!

Don't know if I'll actually get to meet Eric, but just seeing him perform live will be fantastic. Have I mentioned I'm a fan? No? Wow, sorry about that. Don't know how it slipped my mind. :) Have a great rest of the week - I know I will!

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Tree1970 said...

Cannot wait to read all about it!

Have an amazing time, Kate.