Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A Milestone For ESS Fans!

Eric Sheffer Stevens in Body Of Proof, airing this spring.

Happy hump day!

Time is flying for me these days, probably due to baseball/fastpitch eating up huge swathes of our family schedule, and I keep turning around wondering where the hell that day/week/month went when I wasn't looking.

It's also flying for my friends over on http://ericshefferstevens.com/, who are about to celebrate their one year anniversary next month. They asked if I'd be willing to spread the news about a contest they're holding in honor of this milestone, so here are the deets:

On May 17th, we will be celebrating our one year anniversary at ericshefferstevens.com. It's been a great year of meeting new friends, learning new skills, campaigning with everything we've had in us and enjoying the talents of one amazing actor. We've laughed, squeed, fallen in love and cried our hearts out as a fandom. Now Eric is moving on to new roles and developing new characters for us to love. We hope you will all stick with us as we continue to follow his career. I think we are all in for an amazing ride.

Since this is our 1st anniversary, the Crew has decided to share a few gifts with some of our friends in the Eric Sheffer Stevens community but we'd like a little something from you too. During the month of April we'd like Eric's fans to drop us a note on the website (by clicking the "Contact Us" in the top right corner) and share some of the following with us...

*Tell us about your year as an ESS fan...highs, lows anything special you'd like to share
*Tell us what you like or would change about the site/forum, anything that stood out for you
*Tell us any ideas you have or anything you'd like to see on ESS.com/ ESS fan forum (not that we can make any promises...every member of the Crew is still working on a huge learning curve when it comes to web stuff)

We are hoping to add a page or two to the website with quotes from as many fans as possible. Then on May 17th we will randomly draw 6 names from the list of fans that participated and share one of these gifts with them. We will post the names on the forum and contact you for your addresses. (Yes we will ship to wherever!)

Thanks again for helping us make ESS.com and the ESS fan forum such a great place to hang out and follow Eric and his career.

The Crew/Crew Friends

So there you go! Have a great rest of the week!

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