Sunday, August 28, 2011

Monday Movie Musings - Glee 3D

So this weekend I took the kids to see Glee 3D, which we'd talked about seeing when it came out but were either gone or busy for most of that first week. Of course, now it's pretty much gone from theaters, so we had to drive an hour to one of only three theaters in a 100 mile radius to still be showing it.

I'll spare you my usual "I hate 3D" rant, which I'm sure you'll appreciate. :)

(But honestly, I think the movie would have been just as enjoyable - maybe more - if it had been regular 2D style.)

Overall, we enjoyed the film, though the kids wanted to know why the Klaine skit was barely shown, and midkid joked that it was too bad Blaine had no furniture to climb on.

We all agreed that since the concert series never made it to our neck of the woods, this was a worthy fill-in.

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