Monday, August 08, 2011

Have a Question for Kate?

Happy Monday, all!

I've just agreed to do a guest blog post, which will go up next month. One of the options is an interview format, where I can pick questions to answer about writing, life, whatever I want.

But I stink at coming up with questions, so I'm opening it up to you first - what do you want to know about me? Post your questions in the comments, and I'll grab a few for the interview!


And on a completely unrelated note, I've signed up for Kindlegraph, a cool new service that provides autographs for your Kindle titles. (No, I won't be writing on your screen with a sharpie.) It's free, so if you've ever wanted a signed Kindle ebook cover for one of my titles, head on over here to request one.


Another unrelated note! (I seem to have a surplus of them today, LOL) Last week, the German TV production company RTL started enforcing its copyright claim, which resulted in the closure of some YouTube channels which had been translating, subtitling, and posting clips of its shows for an international audience. One of the main shows was Alles Was Zaehlt, the German soap I watched for a couple of years via YouTube (since I don't speak German). That first channel, EskimoKissProject, was spared the purge, on request of one of the actors. He's asked that they be allowed to translate and post his final story arc on the show, as it was their translation and subtitling work that first brought him (and the show) an international audience.
They're being given the chance to do just that, but once the story arc has ended, so will their channel, along with all the videos (hundreds of them!) that they've created over the years. If you haven't been introduced to Roman and Deniz, I'd recommend you take a peek now before it's too late.
As for the final story arc, well, let's just say there are spoilers out there for those who want to know, and they aren't too hard to find. :)


Maia Strong said...

All those fabulous EKP vids. So many hours of hard work, love, and entertainment. I haz teh sadz thinking they'll be gone, even though I haven't watched in ages.

As for questions for you...when do you sleep?! *jk* I suck at thinking up questions (as you know). How about "What's your favourite way to relax when you're *not* on vacation?"

Hayley said...

Well that's a whole other bunch of videos I need to download from youtube pretty sharpish. Has Verbotene Liebe gone as well? I'd like to rewatch old episodes when Christian and Olli were actually good.

Questions! When did you first decide to write romance and what process led you to first getting published? Also, what is better: pizza or pasta?