Wednesday, November 23, 2011

No, Not That Kate Davies

I got a lovely email today, from a woman in France. She was highly complimentary and wanted to know if she could sell my work in her store.
The problem? She owned a yarn shop and wanted to sell my knitting patterns.

I don’t knit.

A different Kate Davies, however, does.

That Kate Davies is famous in the textiles world for her Owls sweater pattern, among other things. And this wasn’t the first time I’d been mistaken for her online.

We’re not the only Kate Davies out there, either. I feel a little sorry for the Kate Davies who illustrates Christian children’s books. I’m sure it’s frustrating to know that people looking for “God Loves You” on Amazon end up with lists of my books instead. Same goes for the feminist literature professor whose scholarly works get mixed in with my books as well. (I had to contact Amazon this summer to ask them to take her bio off my author page, as I didn’t want to claim degrees and an academic background I hadn’t earned.)

There’s even a romance written years ago by a different Kate Davies, a book titled When Innocence Trembles. She’s not currently publishing, which is helpful for differentiation purposes, but I still get contacted by readers hoping we’re the same person. An Australian book club wanted to read it for their monthly selection a few months back and wondered if I could help them get their hands on some copies. Sadly, it’s out of print. Also, I didn’t write it.

Then there’s the housing council manager in north England, the peace activist in Seattle, the actress… and those are only the public figures.

The moral of the story? With the world growing smaller every day, and the internet connecting us more and more, when you're considering a name to publish under (even if it's your real one), Google is your friend.

In the meantime, I’ll just continue to politely explain that no, I’m not the Kate Davies they were looking for, and wish them well on their search. And hope that if one of my readers stumbles upon one of them looking for me, they’ll do the same in return.

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