Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Book BIN Tuesday - Stellarnet Prince by JL Hilton

An otherworldly love. Human blogger Genny O’Riordan shares two alien lovers: Duin, a leader of the Uprising, and Belloc, the only surviving member of the reviled Glin royal family. Their relationship has inspired millions of followers–and incited vicious anti-alien attacks.

A planet at risk. A Stellarnet obsessed with all things alien brings kidnappers, sex traffickers and environmental exploitation to Glin. Without weapons or communications technology, the planet cannot be defended. Glin will be ravaged and raided until nothing remains.

A struggle for truth. On Earth, Duin discovers a secret that could spur another rebellion, while on Glin, Belloc’s true identity could endanger their family and everything they’ve fought for. Have the Glin found true allies in humanity, or an even more deadly foe?


Sounds fascinating, doesn't it? So why not head on out and Buy It Now?

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J. L. Hilton said...

Thanks for having me, Kate! I noticed that elsewhere on your blog, you mention Richard Armitage! He's one of my faves, and Belloc, who is now on the cover of Stellarnet Prince, was largely inspired by him. A few years back, I used that same picture you posted to create a picture of Belloc long before I was ever published or had cover art. I just wanted something I could look at when writing about the alien Glin.