Monday, July 08, 2013

Life of the Party!

It's here! The final novella in the Girls Most Likely To trilogy, Life of the Party, is now available from Carina Press! Here's the details...

In high school, Tess Bonham was the go-to for party planning. So it's no surprise that she's built that talent into a successful party planning business. Tess loves her job--most of the time. Planning her own ten-year reunion weekend promises to be the highlight of her career, even if making it perfect for her former classmates means she won't actually have time to enjoy it herself.

Hotelier Jeremy Wright has wanted Tess for months, and he's tired of watching her sacrifice her social life to her overbooked calendar. So when she's short-staffed, Jeremy jumps at the chance to help out with her reunion during the day--if Tess surrenders the nights to him. He's got plans for a private party, and she's the guest of honor...

Tess should say no. But she really, really wants to say yes. Spending time with Jeremy reminds her just how much fun life can be. But she's not sure she can be "just friends" once she knows how amazing the benefits are...

"Kate has done a wonderful job in creating a believable sense of connection between Jeremy and Tess and I couldn’t have asked for more in a novel of this length." Maldivian Book Reviewer

"Kate Davies did a great job in bringing to the page Tess and Jeremy’s friends-to-lovers story in a way that truly gave me the insight necessary to understand where each were coming from and believe that they could be great together." Shirley Frances Books and More

"Sexy and emotional, with satisfying happily-ever-afters I can believe in. 'Girls most likely to...' is a delight." Vivian Arend


Hope you enjoy this final book in the series!

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