Friday, September 12, 2014

Countdown to Hometown (Heroes) - Meet Alex Trahern

Hero's Name: Alex Trahern  

Hero's Occupation: Hi Tech Security & Business Consultant

What Makes Him a Hero: Alex is the guy you go to when you need help.  He's in the business of saving companies from internal and external threats and Alex is very good at what he does.  He's fiercely loyal to his family and his friends.  He expects the same kind of loyalty back, but it's worth it to have this man in your corner.

Meet the Hero Paragraph: Alex had considered pursuing a career in the field of arbitrage.  His dad had suggested he would be happier participating in the hunt than in the kill.  He’d been right.  Providing information that could help companies grow and change the landscape of the hi-tech industry was a deeply satisfying job.  He’d discovered that the power to build up was more satisfying than that to tear down, hence the fact that he seldom took on corporate raiders as clients.  Guy St. Clair was one of those exceptions.  Alex looked forward to being in on the kill, the hostile takeover of Hypertron, with the primal anticipation of a predator ready to bring down its prey.
Hometown Heroes: Hotter Ever After

Book Title: CHANGE THE GAME (formerly released as Come Up and See Me Sometime, now with previously deleted scenes)

Author's Name: Lucy Monroe

About the book: Like father, like daughter.

That’s what businessman Alex Trahern thinks about Isabel Harrison. If the prestigious headhunter thinks she can steal his top employee, just like her father stole his dad’s ideas, she’s dead wrong. Alex is always a man with a plan, and his plan is to get revenge on John Harrison through his daughter. But there’s no contingency plan for the impact Isabel’s sparkling green eyes and honey brown hair have on the decidedly non-business side of his brain…

If at first you don’t succeed, change the game.

After some relationship flameouts, Isabel’s decided to leave love out of it and approach her search for a husband like finding a suitable job candidate. And according to her list of requirements, Alex Trahern certainly has potential. He’s sexy. (Check.) Forceful and fascinating. (Check, check.) Also arrogant, obnoxious, and way too hot for her own good. (Erase. Start over.) Now, if only she could find out what he’s really after…

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