Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Countdown to Hometown (Heroes) - Meet Duncan Forbes

Hero's Name: Duncan Forbes

Hero's Occupation: Art history lecturer by day, he hunts for stolen treasures by night

What Makes Him a Hero: Duncan likes to right wrongs, whether it means returning a stolen painting to its rightful owners or making sure that bad guys get punished. He's gorgeous in a disheveled way, his work hunting down and returning stolen artwork has made him rich, and he's got a soft spot for a woman in trouble. Even if she IS trouble.

Meet The Hero Paragraph: A wanderer, that’s what he looked like. She imagined that sun-streaked hair blowing in the wind, the blue eyes squinting at the horizon, and smiled to herself. Not any wanderer. A pirate. A modern-day pirate with plunder in his blood, who took without asking. He’d certainly helped himself to the view up her skirt without permission.

Hometown Heroes: Hotter Ever After

Book Title: Wild Ride: A Changing Gears Novel

Author's Name: Nancy Warren

About the book: Alexandra Forrest is a dedicated librarian. She's also a very sexy woman who likes to wear high heels and tight clothes. She's breaking the librarian stereotype and loving every minute of it. When a hot, sexy drifter rolls into her library, she senses he's trouble. But even she can't imagine that she'll soon be stumbling over a dead body in her library and that nothing in her well-ordered life will ever be the same again. 

Duncan Forbes is known as the Indiana Jones of the art world. He loves nothing better than to ride into danger and ride out with treasure. He's a wealthy man thanks to his side hustle, and a respected one thanks to his day job as a college art professor. When stolen art, murder, motorcycles and hot love combine the result is likely to be a wild ride. 

Other books in the Changing Gears series include Fast Ride and Crazy Ride.

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Nancy Warren said...

Hi Kate,

Thanks for featuring Duncan on your blog! We are both so happy you did. I cannot wait until our bundle comes out. It's nice to hang out with great authors plus do some good.