Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Five Things You Might Not Know About Me

Well, Lucy Monroe tagged me for this blog topic, so I'm back! :) (Thanks, Lucy!) In turn, I'm tagging Diane Craver, a fabulous new author with her first Samhain release out this week, and Bianca D'Arc, another amazing Samhain author (who has THREE new releases out -- way to go, Bianca!)

Okay, on to the topic. Um. Five things? Well, here goes...
  1. One of my first jobs was as the Easter Bunny. At the local mall, taking pictures with little kids. I still sometimes wonder about the long-term effects of sitting there wearing a giant plastic-and-fake-fur head, breathing in the Lysol fumes for hours.
  2. My first three (unpublished) romances were targeted to the 'sweet' romance market. (Read: no sex.) If you've read any of my books, you'll understand why this might be a surprise. J After my third manuscript was done, I decided to try (in the words of Monty Python) something completely different. I wrote Taking the Cake, and the rest is history!
  3. As a teen, I worked in the ticket booth at an old movie theater in a not-so-good area of my hometown. One day, I received a delivery from the florist down the block – a beautiful crystal bowl, with two full-blown roses floating in it. A passionate, earnest, anonymous letter was attached. Problem is, I was filling in for someone else that day, and neither of our names was on the card. To this day, I still joke about being the only person I know who's received a love letter addressed to "occupant".
  4. I once sang karaoke in a Philippine restaurant in the middle of downtown Munich, Germany. (They had a very limited repertoire of English-language songs – I ended up muddling my way through the theme from Mahogany.)
  5. I first started reading romance when my second child was born. So – five and a half years now? It's absolutely amazing to me, just to think about it, because I'm such a diehard fan these days. Well, better late than never!
Okay, your turn. What might people not know about you?

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