Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Thirteen Songs I Downloaded This Week

So the DH and I signed up for a trial of a music service last week, offering 25 free downloads in the first 14 days of membership. We could pick Any! Songs! We! Wanted!

Unfortunately, we soon discovered that the songs we wanted weren't anywhere to be found on this website. Oldies? Not the ones we liked. New Hits? Only if we wanted the Karaoke versions. Offbeat choices? Yeah, right.

I'm nothing if not stubborn, though, so I've been scouring my old mix tapes for songs I liked way back when and don't have on CD yet. I'm at about a 1-in-10 success rate, but I'm finally closing in on those 25. As soon as I hit the limit, I'm cancelling membership, because man, I can't imagine spending a monthly fee to not download music. :)

Here's what I've found -- some oldies, some singer/songwriters recommended by friends, some oddballs.

1. Five O'Clock World by Vogues
2. Metro by Berlin
3. Pump Up The Volume by Colourbox
4. Sun Won't Stop by Holly Near
5. Alleluia by Dar Williams
6. On the Road Again by Canned Heat
7. Rock N Roll Fantasy by the Kinks
8. Happy Home by Paula Cole
9. Everytime We Touch by Trinity
10. Diamonds and Guns by The Transplants
11. Boom Boom by John Lee Hooker
12. Elvis is Everywhere by Mojo Nixon
13. Sugar Sugar by the Archies

If you've got any suggestions, I welcome them! They're bound to have at least a couple...


Jaci Burton said...

I love Sugar Sugar


tvaddictgurl said...

That sucks when you can't get the music that you want. I've been lucky with iTunes and only had that problem with a few songs. My cd collection was so big when I got my iPod that I could put pretty much everything that I listened to on it.

Lauren said...

yes, it is hard sometimes to find the songs you want! And I love me some Berlin.

Kate Davies said...

Thanks for stopping by, guys!

I'm pretty happy with the songs I *have* managed to download, but man, it shouldn't be this hard to find 25 songs I like! :)