Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Thirteen Movies I Could Watch Over and Over

Thirteen Movies I Love

Is it Thursday already? I'm writing this up a little early, because inclement weather is supposed to have us hunkered down for the rest of the week, plus I'm trying to type with wrist splints on. D#$^ carpal tunnel syndrome...

Anyway, I thought I'd list my favorite movies to re-watch -- the ones I never get tired of seeing again. And again.

Here they are, in no particular order:

1. While You Were Sleeping
2. Pride and Prejudice, A & E miniseries version
3. Notting Hill
4. Casablanca
5. Singin' in the Rain
6. The Wizard of Oz
7. Star Wars
8. Beauty and the Beast
9. Rear Window
10. It Happened One Night
11. Breakfast Club
12. Roman Holiday
13. Cars (Oh. Wait. That's not me, that's my son. Well, what the heck--I've seen it often enough!)

How about you? What movie can you watch again and again without getting sick of it?


Jaci Burton said...

I love Notting Hill. Such a great movie. And I haven't seen Cars yet, believe it or not. Of course that's probably because we don't have little ones anymore. But then again, hubby and I watch all the kids movies anyway *g*

Michelle said...

Ooh I like a lot of these! 1,3,6,7,8 (mostly for my dd), 11 and 13 (again, like you, mostly for my ds!LOL).

Good TT!

Maria said...

Notting Hill, My Best Friends Wedding (I adore Rupert Everett), Shrek 1& 2, Pride And Prejudice both tv series and movie, any classic Disney movie, The Breakfast Club, Forrest Gump, Bridget Jones gotta love movies!

aisling durnan said...

I just love Lost In Translation, lots of people said itb was dull but I thought it was deliciously quirky. And I could watch the original Home Alone anytime, even when it isn't Christmas.

Anonymous said...

I love Rear Window! It's funny and creepy all at the same time. I could also watch Phantom of the Opera, and The Whole Wide World over and over. :)

Kate Davies said...

Yanno, I hate it when Blogger forgets to send notices that someones commented on my blog -- sorry I didn't reply until now! :(

Jaci, you *have* to see Cars. We got it for the kids, but there are more than enough "grown-up" jokes in it to make it hugely entertaining. (Except when you have to explain to the eight-year-old what it means when the jeep says to the VW van, 'the sixties weren't good to you, were they?' means.)

Michelle, glad to hear you like these ones, too!

Maria, thanks for the reminder of Bridget Jones's Diary. (How could I leave a Colin Firth film off the list?) Oh, and that reminds me -- a guilty pleasure is What a Girl Wants. I stop and watch a bit whenever I catch it on TV.

Aisling, I keep meaning to watch Lost In Translation. Good to hear a positive review!

And Christine, I love the stage production of Phantom -- I'll have to check out the movie version as well.

Thanks, everyone, for dropping by!

Mary said...

Is it really sad for me to say The Sound Of Music? And Mary Poppins?

I love the new Producers too. I howled with laughter!

Kate Davies said...

Mary --

Absolutely not! I love old musicals, and these are on my faves list too.

Must check out the new Producers, too. I liked the original film, and am a big Matthew Broderick fan.

Anonymous said...
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