Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Book BIN Tuesday -- Passionate

Whoo-hoo! Today's the day -- release day for Passionate, the very first release from Anthea Lawson!

I've been looking forward to this book for ages, ever since I found out Anthea (an RWA chapter-mate) sold her first book. Or, should I say, their first book, because Anthea Lawson is actually a husband and wife writing team. Go, team!

Anyway, I digress. Here's the blurb:


Before she must wed, Lily Strathmore decides upon one final adventure—a botanical expedition through the wilds of North Africa with her uncle and his family. In search of a fabled bloom, James Huntington soon joins them. Handsome to a fault and rakish to boot, he has the maddening habit of catching Lily at her most improper. And his sensual kisses are only the beginning of their passionate intimacy…

True Love…

Huntington finds the beautiful Miss Strathmore impossible to resist. With each passing day, their desire for each other grows. And in his wildest dreams, Lily is his—and his alone.

Doesn't it sound yummy?

Okay, your assignment for this week -- hunt down a copy of Passionate and Buy It Now!

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Anthea said...

Hi Kate~

Thanks for featuring us! It's a big day-- sort of like when your kid takes their first steps away from you, or goes off to college. Good luck out there in the wide world, little book! We hope you make lots of new friends.


Anthea (and Lawson too)