Thursday, October 23, 2008

Quizzage Answers -- and Winner!

....aaaaand Kammie sneaks in under the wire! Yes, for a while there we had a tie for first with three answers correct. Then, before I could toss a coin, Kammie shows up with FOUR correct! Congratulations, Kammie!

So, are you curious? Here are the correct answers to the trivia questions.

1. What author does Kate want to be when she grows up?
a) Nora Roberts
b) Lori Foster
c) Suzanne Brockmann
d) Susan Andersen

Though I am a huge fan of all these authors, Suz wins this one for me.

2. What actor did Kate meet in high school when he dated one of her cousins?
a) Josh Lucas
b) James Caviezel
c) Rainn Wilson
d) Brendan Fraser

Lucky me! (Or should I say, lucky cousin?) I did have a nice, long conversation with Josh about our plans to become famous actors someday. Not that he'd remember it. LOL

(Josh is the not-quite-ex-hubby in Sweet Home Alabama, among other films.)

All of the other actors are around the same age, and all of them lived in the region for at least a little while -- so they were all plausible options. ;)

3. What romance author does Kate's youngest want to have a play date with?
a) Pat White
b) Lucy Monroe
c) Jane Porter
d) Julia Quinn

All my kids love hanging out with Lucy and her family. (All of these authors live in the same general area, though!)

4. What real life event does Kate always use in "two truths and a lie" to throw people off -- because nobody believes it happened?
a) Sang karaoke in a Filipino restaurant in the middle of Munich
b) Once auditioned to be a cast member at Disneyland
c) Married her husband after knowing each other three weeks
d) Published her first short story at the age of fifteen

Sad, but true. It was a not-so-subtle request from the host of the evening. Even sadder, the only English-language song they had I even sort-of knew was the Theme From Mahogany. All together now -- "Do you know, where you're going tooooo..."

5. Kate's "guilty pleasure" reality show -- the one she never misses?
a) The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency
b) Top Design
c) America's Next Top Model
d) Project Runway

I've watched and enjoyed all of these shows, but PR was the only one I put on my "appointment TV" list.

So, there you go. All about me! :)

So, congrats to Kammie. You've won A Flights of Fancy gift pack -- A Tinkerbell photo frame magnet, a Buzz Lightyear Disney Pin, a cinnamon votive candle, and a copy of Jane Porter's Flirting With Forty. Just send me your address and I'll pop them in the mail.

(Note: If you live outside the US, I'll substitute a different prize due to mailing restrictions.)


Kammie said...

Yay! Thank you so much!

Kammie said...

I got your package in the mail. Thanks, again!