Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Book BIN Tuesday -- Reaction Time

Five days. Close quarters. It’s enough to drive any woman crazy—or into submission…

Nikki Kincaid carries her smart mouth and in-your-face attitude like other women carry mace. But the sharpest parts of her razor tongue are reserved for Adam Guthrie, a man who sparks her body’s reaction time quicker than a green light. That out-of-control response terrifies her, because control is her middle name.

When someone starts sending Nikki threatening letters, Adam jumps at her brother’s request to help protect her—whether she likes it or not. For the past year and a half he’s been watching her, analyzing her body language and cutting remarks, and has come to one definitive conclusion. She’s a sexual submissive in hiding.

Five days in close quarters is exactly what Adam’s been waiting for—and Nikki’s idea of hell. Bringing her deepest desires to the surface will be the greatest challenge of his life. And, if he succeeds, his greatest reward.


Doesn't that sound intriguing? Just the thing to warm up these cold winter nights. So head on over to Samhain and Buy It Now!

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Alannah Lynne said...

Kate, I just wanted to drop back by and tell you thanks again for having me as a guest!!

It's been a pleasure!