Friday, December 19, 2008

Home For Christmas Featured on Writer's Vineyard

A month or so ago I was invited to participate in a really cool holiday celebration at the Writer's Vineyard. Every day in November and December they're posting a different short story or excerpt from a holiday book. Well, today (the 19th) is my day! Stop by to read a fun excerpt.

Don't forget you can get a bigger sampling from the Discover New Authors program at the Samhellion site, with the promo edition of Home for Christmas now available for download.

And if you want to read something completely different, but still in keeping with the season, check out my guest blog on the Samhain weblog from Wednesday. I would have posted about it earlier but the power went out (during a snowstorm!) and I got a bit distracted. But you should definitely stop by, if only to find out what words of wisdom my mom shared with me during the winter months many years ago. (Words to live by, I tell you!)

See? Didn't I tell you I was going to be everywhere this month? ;)

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