Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Book BIN Tuesday - Animal Attraction

With a string of vandalism plaguing the zoo, Marine Mammal Manager, Stephanie Cavanah, has her hands full. Up for a promotion, Stephanie is disappointed when the job goes to David Westcott, a sexy, smart Conservation Biologist who has mysterious black outs. But there is little time to brood because the vandalism is growing worse, and Stephanie must work with David if she is going to stop the perpetrators.
Having been coerced into taking a job he doesn't want and isn't comfortable with, David tangles with his own demons. At puberty he'd gained the power to command the behavior of people and animals with his thoughts. The problem is, he can't turn it off! As a result, David is never sure if people’s thoughts and actions are truly their own.
Having discovered a way to control his influence, David works to control his power.
Unfortunately every time Stephanie is near, his mind sputters to a halt.
Sounds intriguing, no? So why not head on over to Red Rose Publishing and Buy It Now?

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Maia Strong said...

Oo! Sounds like a great read!