Monday, February 15, 2010

Meet The Author Monday - Wanda DeGolier

NAME: Wanda DeGolier


TITLE OF FIRST BOOK: Animal Attraction
Mainstream Romantic Mystery

RELEASE DATE: February 11, 2010

This is goofy. I’d done the incredibly geeky thing of changing the keyboard layout on my keyboard to Dvorak. This means all the letters were in different places allowing me (supposedly) to make fewer errors and type faster (once I’d mastered it).

Right afterward, as I was typing along at a blazing 10-words-a-minute while writing a tense scene where my heroine was in peril. For me, I feel the tension, worry and fear of my characters. So, here she is stuck and needing help, and I can’t save her because my fingers can’t get the words out fast enough.

Wow! That’s hard. Falling in love is exceptionally fun. So is watching my children grow, but I’m being cheesy. You want something interesting. Hmm…

There was the serenading Klingons episode, seeing a field of sunflowers in Iowa, a sloth in a tree in Costa Rica and a Hawaiian sunset. I was the mascot for a professional sports team for a short while.

But, for me none of that is as good as a good old-fashioned smile from the people I love.

Potato chips and Milky Way candy bars.

I read a lot and don’t tend toward re-reading. I probably read 10 books a month and find most of them comforting. I like Pulitzer-prize winners as well as light-hearted reads like Janet Evanovich or more heady work like Anita Shreve. I read erotica too. Stick most anything in front of my face and I’ll be happy.

I awaken just as my two children, clothed and groomed and ready for school, enter my bedroom with breakfast on a golden tray. While eating my eggs, my husband calls to let me know we’ve won the lottery.

I still take the kids to public school (because I want them to have a rounded education.) After dropping them off, I head home where I hunker down and enter the odd world where my stories live.

I dwell there for hours, writing and rewriting and struggling (struggling is part of the fun). I stop only to renew my supply of candy and chips. (In my prefect world I never gain weight or get cavities.) When it’s time to pick the kids up from school, I have exceeded my goals for the day! Yay! Upon seeing them, I learn they have both earned Super Student awards.

After dinner, my hubby offers to put the kids to bed and tells me to go to a Zumba class. (Zumba is so much fun.) After Zumba, I get a glass of cheap red wine, (Oh yeah, I forgot I’m rich.) I get a glass of expensive champagne then settle down with a book in the bathtub. Ahhhh…..perfect end to a perfect day.

I’ve been working for a few years on an historical trilogy set in the North West around the year 1900. The backdrop is the theater and silent film. My heroines have the added layer of being suffragists.

Because of the massive amounts of research, it’s been a long work in process. The draft of the first book is complete and it’s titled Defiance.

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Maia Strong said...

Loving the sound of your work-in-progress. Anything that has period theatre in it is definitely something want to read!

Congrats on your first release!