Sunday, February 14, 2010

I'll Take Romance...

In honor of Valentine's Day, I thought I'd share my five favorite things about the romance genre. Hope you enjoy!

5. Romance novels are hopeful. In a world swimming in cynicism, it's nice to lose myself in a dose of hope for a while.

4. They aren't all the same. Despite their reputation, there are as many different romance novels as there are happy couples in the world. Though the outcome is often similar, the journey is always as individual as the people (or characters) involved.

3. The characters! I love getting to know people like Sam Starrett, P.J Morgan, Tess Gannon, Ethan Crane, and the Bridgertons through the pages of a book. (Bonus points if you can identify the authors or books these characters are from.)

2. The settings. I can travel all over the world - and beyond - when I read a romance.

1. The stories. Whether it's contemporary, historical, paranormal, m/m, suspense, futuristic - there is a world of genres tucked inside the Romance label.

What's your favorite thing about romance? Let me know in the comments, and I'll choose one poster to win a Valentine's gift!

1 comment:

Amy S. said...

Most of mine are like yours. I love the characters, the settings, and the hea's in them.