Monday, July 19, 2010

Monday Movie Musings - Julie and Julia

I just finished watching this movie last night, and have a bit of a confession to make.

Though I'd heard of Julie & Julia when it was first released, and had a vague interest in it, in that sort of "I should really rent that someday, maybe I'll put it on my Netflix queue" way, I didn't do anything about it until I heard that Eric Sheffer Stevens was in it.

Bang, top of the queue.

I was good, though. I watched the whole movie, even though he was only in two scenes and only had lines in one. (He also spent most of his too-brief time on film eating, which I adored. It's one of Dr. Reid Oliver's quirks that stand out as well.)

I liked the film overall, although it felt at times that I was watching two movies at the same time. The constant jumping back-and-forth between Julie and Julia's stories was a little -- distancing, I guess would be the word for it. I never got really invested in either of their storylines.

Still, it was interesting, and some of the food looked incredibly tasty. (Not the aspic, though. *shudder*) Would have been better with more ESS in it, though. (Yes, I'm biased.)


Isabel said...

I found your blog via Eric Sheffer Stevens (that guy is bringing people together, isn't he?) and agree about Julie and Julia. It's a good film but the separate stories are a bit jarring at times. And yes, we should've gotten more ESS, I completely agree.

And I haven't read in a while so I just might check out your books. With the LuRe storyline in full force (though not playing out too much on screen), I'm in the mood for some romance.

Kate Davies said...

Thanks for stopping by, Isabel! Yes, ESS is totally bringing people together. (I'm picturing that old Coca-Cola commercial with all of us signing now. LOL!)

And thanks for considering my books! I hope, if you do read them, that you'll enjoy. :)