Monday, October 11, 2010

Monday Movie Musings - the (718)

A few months back, some friends went to Vermont to see Eric Sheffer Stevens in the Vermont Shakespeare Company production of Much Ado About Nothing. While there, they met many of the other actors in the show, including one Parrish Hurley.

Parrish is on Facebook. Parrish is a swell guy. Parrish has a talent for coming up with excellent nicknames. Parrish has a great TV pilot that he's shopping around to cable networks right now, called 'the (718)'. It's funny, profane, wince-inducingly honest, and secretly a little sweet. (Don't tell him I said that, though. I'll lose all my street cred.) It's won a number of awards at film festivals around the globe.

Here's what it's about:

With humility and heartbreaking hilarity, 'the(718)' presents the misadventures of beer-drinking, football-watching, awkward homosexual Stephen and his two straight best friends (as well as his beat poet conscience) as they navigate life and love in New York City's County of Kings. With a little less shoe talk than 'Sex & The City' (but a lot more testosterone), it's a clever and sexy portrait of Brooklyn's three most (in)eligible bachelors brimming with all of the insecurity, bravado and dependency that they would prefer to keep secret.
Here's the trailer:

Want to see the whole thing? If you follow this link, and type in the password brooklyn, you can watch it in its entirety! Warning, though - it is DEFINITELY NSFW. Seriously. Do not say I didn't warn you.
I really enjoyed the pilot, and hope it gets picked up by a cable channel soon. I'm also fascinated by the creative process, in whatever art form, so I asked Parrish to answer a few questions about how this pilot came to be. The two-part interview will be up on the blog Wednesday and Thursday of this week.

Want to know more about the (718)? Visit the facebook page. Follow the twitter account. Check out IMDB. Or take a peek at the official website. And be sure to come back later in the week for the interview!
(also, I'm extending my contest through the end of this week, so be sure to comment early and often! LOL)


Colleen Burns said...

Thanks for posting, Kate.

I was one of the folks that had the pleasure of seeing Parrish at work in Vermont and getting to know him. Your description of both Parrish and the(718) are spot on. It is an intelligent comedy for grown ups that seems to be sadly lacking on tv these days. As someone who grew up in the (718) as a Queens girl, I can tell you that the tone of the show so perfectly captures the boroughs of NYC. I can't ewait to see more of the show and of your interview with Parrish.

Becky Bianchi said...

I was also one of those who got to see Parrish at work in VT & have gotten to know him a bit since (shoutout to all the EPICS & "Dr. PB" ;) ). Definitely agree with everything you said about Parrish & the (718). It's smart, witty, hilariously awkward, honest & showcases Parrish's humor & writing prowess to a T. I really hope it gets picked up by a cable network soon as well.

Thank you SO much for doing this, Kate! We all really appreciate it & can't wait for the interview Wednesday & Thursday!

Anonymous said...

Loved this pilot! Witty and well-acted. Can't wait to see it on my television screen.

traci said...

I unfortunately did NOT get to see Parrish in "Much Ado About Nothing", but it is one of my favorite Shakespeare plays of all time and having watched the (718), I can imagine it must have been hilarious.

So yeah....the (718). LOVED it! It would be a travesty if someone doesn't pick it up soon and get it out there. The world needs more hilarity and this delivers! I'm looking forward to the interview, Kate!